What is the bedelia WEESHEET?

The WEESHEET is a thick waterproof sheet that lies ON TOP of the fitted sheet to absorb wet accidents and protect the mattress and bedding from moisture. If an accident happens in the night it can be quickly removed leaving a dry bed so everyone can get back to sleep.

What is the WEESHEET made of?

The WEESHEET is made of a hi-tech laminated fabric that combines absorbency and waterproofing in one fabric. The WEESHEET starts with thirsty 100% cotton dimple fabric. A thin layer of waterproof, breathable polyurethane is added to the reverse. Finally, a layer of hydrophobic polyester knit finishes the reverse for durability and as further leak protection. All layers are permanently heat-bonded together without the use of solvents.

How do I use the WEESHEET?

We find that the best placement of the WEESHEET is horizontally, with the long edge stretching across the mattress. If you are using the WEESHEET on a twin bed this means that the sides can tuck into the edge of the bed frame. Alternately, some customers who move around a ton in their sleep use the WEESHEET vertically on the bed for head to toe coverage. Position the WEESHEET high enough on the bed so that the top edge is about halfway under the pillow. 

But wait...doesn't it shift around?

I have two very active sleepers and I can honestly say that it doesn't really.  Because the the WEESHEET fabric is very high quality and thick it doesn't crumple or bunch. When positioning the WEESHEET horizontally, tucking the edges into the bed frame or under the mattress provides extra stability, but is by no means necessary.

What size mattress does the WEESHEET fit?

Because the WEESHEET doesn't shift much during sleep it can be used on any size mattress.  On a twin mattress the ends extend over the sides of the mattress and tuck into the bed frame for a tailored look.

How do I wash the WEESHEET?

Throw that WEESHEET in the washer and dryer! Skip the fabric softener as it can affect how absorptive the WEESHEET is.  Speaking of absorption, the WEESHEET sucks up a lot of water. In the interest of saving energy I sometimes run a second spin cycle and air dry for a little while before finishing off in the dryer to soften it up.

Who should use the WEESHEET?

Anyone who is looking for protection from wet!  We designed the WEESHEET with kids in mind, but we have many customers who are adults! 

We are no longer having accidents, are there any other uses for the WEESHEET?

Absolutely! The WEESHEET is great for home births, to cover sofas or carpets when stomach flu is going around or your dog has muddy paws. We also find they make fantastic picnic blankets.

Can I buy your product in stores?

Yes!  Our exclusive stockist is the Healthy Moms Market at 2953 Dundas St W in Toronto.   

What is your shipping policy?

We strive to ship your order out within 5-7 days of purchase.  All shipping is done through Canada Post. $10 discount flat rate shipping in Ontario, $15 discount flat rate shipping in the rest of Canada, and $20 discount flat rate shipping on all International orders.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns of unused, unwashed merchandise within 30 days of shipment. Please contact us at hello@bedelia.ca if you would like to initiate a return.