The Bedelia Story


 Hi there, my name is Clare and I never imagined bedwetting was going to feature so prominently in my life. 

Then I had three kids.

In 2016 my 5 year old had long been out of diapers, but was having accidents every night that no 'pull-up' could contain. The laundry pile was getting me down, so I looked for a product that would save me having to strip the whole bed. every. single. night. I found products, but they were tricky to get in Canada, they were not comfy to sleep on and they were ugly!  

I have a degree in textile science, I work fixing and caring for textile artifacts in museums and I love putting together inspiring and beautiful spaces. I looked at the optic-white, polyester pee pad and thought: I can do better!

As a textile scientist I knew I had to design a fabric that was highly functional --  absorbent, soft, waterproof and breathable. As a lover-of-beautiful-textiles I knew it had to look and feel great, the kind of fabric that would compliment the cozy well-made bed I was trying to create in my kids' rooms. I also knew that I wanted my product made as close to home as possible, by nice people I liked to work with.

After more than a year of research and a lot of trial and error by the whole Bedelia team, the WEESHEET was born. We have created a fantastic product that doesn't compromise on style. The WEESHEET is designed with thoughtful, sophisticated colours, a soft hand and subtle texture. Our unique proprietary waterproof fabric is made in a Canadian-American mill, the trim is knit in Scarborough and all the sewing is done right here in Toronto by nice people that we know personally.

I hope you love the WEESHEETS as much as we do! These babies will help you get a bit more sleep and look great doing it!

Clare Frejd, Bedelia founder